Postie Ride Challenge

12 Postie Bikes riding from the Gold Coast to Uluru 

In Aid of Prostate Cancer

14 mates riding CT110 postie bikes from the Gold Coast to Uluru in aid of prostate cancer.

The idea started with a ride out west on BMW GS. we all talked about the possability of riding to Uluru.

This seemed a little adventurous and wondered if we were biting off more than we could chew.


As mates do, we decided to make the ride a little harder and ride CT110 postie bikes instead.

As this became a huge challange we decided to make this a charity event in aid of Prostate Cancer. 

One of the riders Mark Lovell unfortunately lost his father to Prostate cancer a few years ago so riding in aid of 

Prostate cancer seemed the right thing to do.

The ride Starts from the Gold Coast on Friday the 19th April 2019 and ends at Uluru before the 6th May 2019.

The riders range from the ages of 42 - 60. Solid effort.

All Bikes, Riders and back up crew are self funded so all money raised goes to the Charity.


Preperation is essential and as you can see from the images

we all dig in and get things done.

Below are images of all of us building the Two support trailers.

Test Rides

Also test rides are all part of the preparation.
Well thats what we tell our wives.
It is important to test ride the bikes, to make sure that can perform and see what breaks along the ride.
As you can see in the images below.

Who's Going

  • Scott Leppier

  • Bob Pukallus

  • Brett Conlon

  • Charlie Vogler

  • Grant Windsor

  • James Prosser

  • Mark Lovell

  • Oscar Vlug

  • Rod Windsor

  • Tim Hayman

  • Bill Mason

  • Christian Leppier

  • Luke Prosser

  • Bruce Ruddock

  • Barry Dewhurst

It is a great cause guys, so please share this website with your family

and friends but more importantly.

Please Donate.

Everything counts

Break Downs

We've had a few breakdowns whilst testing these bikes out.

Punctures, Engine failure, Pegs falling off,

Wheels falling off, Riders falling off, water in carbs,

You name it we've had it.

Its going to be a hard and interesting trip but were all up for it.


Thank you

for your


from all the wild dogs.


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